These testimonials have been volunteered from clients. Their names have been suppressed for confidentiality.

"My life since seeing you last and doing that work has been filled with amazing healings, shifts, understandings and general togetherness for me and all those around me." J. Christchurch NZ

"I want to thank you for helping me and showing me that I am a wonderful human being. You make me feel confident and strong in ability again. You have helped me to think clearly and to hold my life and utilize it to its Full Potential. The breathing exercise helps me to not take everything in my life so full on. You have taught me to think rationally about my life and what is required, to live and enjoy every breath I take in. Your techniques have enabled me to use them so easily and to shine my light in a much more positive and productive way. I am focused on everything you told me and I'm happy to say that I absorbed all the information that was passed on to me. It was a big session so I want to lie down after it finished. Your knowledge and guidance has helped me to have a natural high to live my life to its full potential. Thank you both for enabling me to reach and set new goals in my life. Keep on helping others like you have helped me, your work is amazing and truly an awesome gift! Thank you" W. Dunedin NZ

"I do not place excessive weight on qualifications and feel that in some instances life experiences can count more - Results are what matter and I feel I have been getting positive results under your guidance". D. Dunedin NZ

"...all my symptoms seem to be disappearing and getting better". A. Hong Kong

"Hello there! Thanks so much for all of your help, still feeling great after that last session. Saw my Dad over the weekend and things have definitely come full circle with him - he came straight to talk to me and we pretty much followed each other round the whole time. I was struck by this feeling of being more comfortable close to him than not, the reverse of before! Before it was like when you hold two magnets the wrong way and they push against each other, now we are like real magnets :-) I feel like I've got a new friend. All good!" J. Dunedin NZ

"Thanks again for the help you did with me.... I just wanted to say that today i woke up, and felt warm and my tongue looked really clean for first time in a while. Thanks again so muchhhhh." A. Indonesia

"I have been feeling really good mentally about the birth. Haven't found the need to tap any of the affirmations as my confidence has remained fairly high." R. Invercargill NZ

"I have never met anybody in my life, who shares so much passion to helping others strive to reach their full potential in life. You speak, breathe and show people wisdom to accomplish their true selves. Thanks to you, I'm able to love myself in a human and confident way. I know if any one is to come and have a session with you it will change their life for the better and believe me I mean better - as in beautiful! I can challenge anything that might be a hurdle in my life. You have helped me achieve my goals and reprogrammed my irrational thought and challenged them to become rational. My life has been unbelievably beautiful. You helped me to appreciate my potential in my life. I will always be truly grateful and you are truly blessed with love and peace. Thank you again." W. Otago NZ

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