Its not a grand idea to praise yourself externally, but you may really want to know more about Reset, so rather than be stuck in a quandry, here is a little bit of info.

If you dont eat food, you may live a month, even a year or more for others. (yes it varies a lot)

If you dont drink water, you may live a week.

If you didnt breath, you may last 9 minutes or less. David Blaine holds the world record at 17 minutes 4.4 seconds(after a period on pure oxygen)

If you dont have any energy flowing in your body, your body wouldnt exist, your nerves couldn't fire, your body wouldn't move. (except when decomposing)

With energy being the most important factor in 'life' Reset is involved with energy psychology, and more specifically removing the blocakges from the energy fields in order to achieve optimum health, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Hence, remove the blockages in the energy system = Reset, to what it used to be.

Reset, its about accelerating human potential.


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