Apologies for recently sending you the OLD news. We have just moved servers and it triggered off a new send of the old newsletters.

At ReSeT, we only send news when we need to - it saves a lot of clutter in the inbox. There has been a lot happening at ReSeT and there is much more on its way.

Hows things in your life? Are you ready for change? Do you know anybody ready for change in their life? Today is the 31.03.2014 - which in numerology is a 5, five is the energy of CHANGE. Need I say more?

OK, lets break it down further...
31 = 4 = Number four is an Earth number, it's a grounding number, knowledge. Which means whatever you learn right now, you don't have to re-learn later.
03 = number three in numerology represents the catalyst. A catalyst is an energy that provides the push for transformation of one energy to another, yet never changes itself.
2014 = seven says that every time you sit down and send light, it moves mountains! It changes the future of the planet. Of the entire population of the planet, only one half of one percent need to awaken in order to create a renaissance and peace on Earth - one half of one percent... thats .5 :)

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