What's involved in an individual session?

Every person is completely unique and comes with different needs. The individual sessions are tailored to achieve the best results possible. We offer the following information as a general guideline.

After greeting you and introducing ourselves we encourage you to get comfortable as we check on your well-being. It is important that you feel comfortable working with us. We ask about your personal information i.e. your name, age, single, married, job etc.


We clarify with you - whatever you say within the session is kept entirely confidential - from anyone who enquires, whether it be a parent, a spouse, teacher, employer or relative. Details that we have shared with you or that you have shared with us will not be disclosed, no matter who pays for your session. It is your choice as to whether you choose to share that information with the other party or not. The only circumstance/ condition (?) we will make with this, is that if you are at risk of damaging yourself or someone else.

Your expectations

We will ask questions to find out why you are seeking a change now, as well as establishing your expectations for the session. If they are very ambitious we might condense what you require to suit the time frame we have available. We may not able to pull off 40 miracles at a time - but then again you never know, we promise to do the best we can for you!

Gathering Information

Then we encourage you to talk about what it is that you have decided to change within your life. The more truthful and accurate the information you give us; the better we can help you. Allow your mind to share with us what it wishes to, and allow any other information to percolate up too (whether it seems relevant to you or not). Your mind will have been preparing for the session during the days leading up to your appointment, so it is important not to dismiss anything including any dreams you may have had prior to attending the session. Also tells us anything that thoughts pops into your mind as these are directly from your subconscious. If you wish, make notes and bring them along.

We ask a series of questions leading on from what you tell us. We focus on uncovering the root cause of the ‘challenge/condition' you would like to work with. Often we focus less on the symptom (i.e. the overeating, or smoking, or anxiety, or blushing, or phobia, or panic attack, and/or embarrassment etc.) and look to uncover the reasons why this behaviour is needed as well as the choices and beliefs that have been made about this condition. Once these are resolved then the condition no longer needs to exist, or be chosen again in the future.

Your information leads us during the session, we go where you are prepared to go. If you are not prepared to go in a certain direction, then we will not force you. We have tools that enable you to work on your intimate information privately, without having to share any details with us. Rest assured, the outcome will not be affected if you request that we use these techniques instead. You are given many choices during the session and what you choose can also affect the outcome. E.g. if you choose to hold a piece of information back, then that is your choice, however the outcome or result may be affected as withholding this information may limit our ability to completely resolve the situation. Know that we will do the best we can with the information you choose to share with us.

Techniques for Change - Tailored to you

Once we have gathered all the relevant information, then like a jigsaw puzzle we begin to put the pieces together. Whichever techniques we use will be the best ones for you at the time. We use a number of techniques for change; which can include (but not limited to)...

  • sound and vibrational technologies,
  • colour therapy,
  • Bach flower remedies by sound,
  • Voice Analysis,
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques),
  • FJM (Foot Joint Mobilisation),
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing)
  • nutritional suggestions/guidance,
  • toxin release,
  • exercise recommendations,
  • Muscle testing (kinesiology)
  • Tzolkein alignment
  • spiritual methods(karmic release, cellular memories, cosmic alignment)
  • family lineage
  • heart centred approaches,
  • relaxation,
  • meditation,

Everyone is totally different, like a fingerprint, each with his or her own unique life story. So even though we have given a basic outline of a session here, this will naturally change, depending upon the person, what they tell us why they attend the session as well as the choices they make - as we will tailor the session to the needs of each individual.

What do I expect?

Come to the session prepared to:

  • change
  • take responsibility
  • share information
  • experience a number of new techniques
  • find more about yourself
  • take skills home to help work on yourself
  • continue to work with the skills shared with you after the session

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Sessions for other people you know

We are thrilled when the information you read "clicks" inside you - and you know the services we offer would be perfect for someone close to you. That's great! Feel free to forward our website on to them, so that they can read through it too and decide whether they are comfortable with what we offer. Working with Reset has to be an individual's own choice. If, that person has read the website themselves, or contacted us, makes a choice, and is prepared to take that next step and change their life. We prefer to have direct email and/or phone contact with prospective clients or workshop and retreat participants.

After the session what do I do?

Often the results are astounding and sometimes instant! Embrace the changes by continuing to use the skills and tools shared with you. Follow the suggestions given. Be observant for changes in your current feelings/beliefs/behaviours etc. Observe/record the dreams you have. Notice what others say about you. If we have suggested a follow-up session be mindful of when you feel you are ready to contact us for another appointment. Above all begin to make the change, if you keep your entire routine the same then you are less likely to notice the changes you are making. Keep us posted on any new/different developments by phone or email, if unsure do not hesitate to call. We would prefer that you contact us so that we can assist as soon as possible if required. We can be contacted by email, text or leaving us a phone message so that we can contact you as soon as we are free.

The cost of the session

The session is 2 hours in length, and costs $140 dollars. This amount is payable by Visa or Direct Credit before you attend the session, or on the day by cash. A receipt will be issued, if required.

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