What happens at the end of the Retreat?
Once free of these limitations, profound changes take place. We became limitless, free, more joyful, happy and abundant! Our hearts are full and our love becomes even deeper! Life is so exciting!

Once the veils are removed and there is a balance within, then you are able to connect much more fully on all levels with yourself and your Divine partner. Each person in the relationship holds the balance within themselves, each holds the love within themselves creating a relationship of a different nature and holding the energy of balance, love and truth utilizing wisdom every step of their way. With the two of you balanced, this permeates out around you and your community.

The more this happens in places throughout the world, the more balanced and in harmony we will live with Mother Earth.

We have previously worked with couples and groups in New Zealand, Egypt, England, Australia, India, Switzerland, Wales and Hong Kong assisting individuals, families and their relationships. We welcome the opportunity to offer the Retreats in a variety of locations, worldwide. We invite you to join us on a transformative, truthful, gentle, loving journey of change and self-discovery!

What can I expect to feel after the retreat?
These are what others have experienced, subsequent to the Retreat:
  • a deeper feeling of love within, a deep feeling of belief and trust instead of worry
  • excitement about our future together! We CAN achieve so much more together now. Our dreams can become true and can be a reality! I have seen how strong we are together
  • feeling much stronger within
  • more honesty with myself, partner, friends and family
  • clearer mind, feeling more grounded, more centered
  • deeper connection with my heart and hearts wishes, more open hearted
  • much more in love with my husband/wife, valuing each other more
  • removal of barriers that were around my heart
  • more value and honour for partner and self
  • much better at making decisions, ceased procrastination
  • awareness and understanding of the damage my ego has done to me, my relationships and business
  • more in tune with myself, profound sense of contentment and peace
  • increased confidence and capable with both the new and existing skills I have
  • ability to speak up
  • changed limitations that created endless internal frustation and resentments
  • broken through my own blocks, done things that I never thought were possible, or that I had the capacity or belief to do!
  • feeling equal in the relationship
  • the ability to clearly see the possibilities, opportunities and the strengths that we have together in the relationship
  • valuing and seeing the strengths that we each hold individually
  • cherishing each other and our strengths
  • the information shared has been of huge benefit not only to myself and my family, but also to my clients, friends and business - in fact every area of my life has benefited from what was shared and explained
  • more solutions and tools for change, and a deep appreciation for the information that was offered
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