Reset's retreats are life-changing 8-day live in retreats held in powerful, picturesque sites around NZ and overseas, offering great natural beauty surrounded by tranquil, rural, natural settings. Access to local flora and fauna - trees, ocean, lake, river/stream, animal, and bird life will be available during the retreat.

A retreat is for people wishing to make profound positive changes within their lives. Included in the fees are all meals, snacks, and accommodation, teachings, information, tools and skills. These retreats are an opportunity to change, to learn about the ego, your 7 energy centers/chakras, to uncover the various veils blocking the chakras, and to learn more about yourself in places of tremendous spiritual power.

Each day we share information that we have personally tried, used, updated, modified and explain the results of what we use. This will allow participants at the end of the 8 days to be able to utilize many newly acquired skills to assist them further on their journey and in life with whatever situation they may later find themselves in. We share experiences, research and information relating to the various blocks that prevent us from truly being the best person that we can be. We explore barriers that stop us from loving others and ourselves more fully. We discuss difficulties that can be experienced in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and share tools and skills to free yourself from them. Each day brings you closer to the goals of:
  • balancing the masculine and feminine within us, balancing the heart and the mind, balancing the left & right brain
  • becoming more grounded and connected to our higher selves and finding the Divine within you
  • creating & maintaining peace, grace and balance in self no matter what's before us
  • integrating a new grounded level of spirituality
  • learning effective skills to enable you to heal yourself and live a long happy life
  • developing skills to help unwind the old programs and beliefs and open to new ways of being
  • creating a new meaningful paradigm of existence and making your life worth it!
  • help heal the planet by helping, healing and changing yourself
  • understanding skills to master and balance your Ego
  • learning beneficial decision-making skills
  • transforming the past and creating personal power, esteem and assertiveness
  • resolving programs handed down from generations and family lineages
  • understanding and healing fear, allowing love and compassion to reign within
  • removing thoughts and feelings of separation, creating union within and with-out
  • learning effective strategies for now and the future to overcome any further challenges
There will also be integration time and we encourage you to spend it in nature, so that the information presented can percolate within you and give you time for you as well as time to interact with other course participants and the facilitators.

Changes can be experienced each day on the retreat. There is time in the evenings for personal interaction and group recreations. Each and every activity during the 8 days has been designed to integrate and correlate the various information and techniques presented. As you begin to make the changes inside you will notice how much will change on the outside.

Each participant will also receive a one year personalized log in and password, so that they have access to all the information held within this website. This includes the information presented at the retreat and any new information or various hints and tips that we have used that work in making profound changes simply and easily. This library of information is available whenever the participant requires it for a period of twelve months after their attendance at the retreat.

The information Reset shares at retreats can help with your personal life, your professional life, giving you the tools and skills to make changes as you wish. Our aim is to empower you with skills, tools, and information so that you are able to make choices that further enhance your life.

What are the retreats about?

Balance, Truth, Love, Wisdom. Here are a few topics covered in the retreat:

  • 7 chakras/energy centers of the body
  • Discover what prevents you from being the best person you can be
  • Understand your ego, its role, effects and the soul
  • Learn about the 7 key veils or "blockages" that prevent a deeper connection to your self and others
  • Understand and heal the wounds connected to those veils/blockages
  • Gain a deeper understanding about your relationship with yourself, about who you truly are
  • Understand yourself, be truthful with and about yourself, understand the past and the insights/lessons and wisdom you have gained/experienced/learnt
  • Gain more clarity and wisdom about the present and future, the choices you have made and your mission in life
  • Learn how to be more grounded and centred
  • Discover how to make beneficial decisions for yourself
  • Move from a place of separation within you to a deep and real connection within

What do we do each day?

  • Experience change
  • Learn about various conditions, beliefs that affect the four body system
  • Look at the past, the present, future - and release challenging situations
  • Each morning we gain insight to the 7 major energy centers of your body and experience them in a new way
  • Have both group and personal time
  • Remove barriers/blockages to your higher self connection
  • Learn to connect with the truth, your higher self and love
  • Begin to understand the ego and how to work with it, how to gain mastery
  • Experience amazing power spots within NZ
  • Dreams & dream journaling
  • and MUCH more!
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