You will be taking active participation in learning and experiencing multi level change as you discover more about the energy circuits in your body, clearing multi dimensional blocakges (veils) from the past to rebalance and empower yourself. The foods, colours, smells, sounds and lessons will change each day as you clear and experience each energy center in your body. You will be monitoring your own body throughout the retreat and will be dream journalling, taking part in Yoga, mudras, meditation, group clearances if required, and using dynamic tools for change.

Conference facilities and meals:

Over the winter equinox and full moon 18-26th June 2010. Flexi-arrive anytime from midday to 7pm on Friday the 18th(provide own meals on this day). We will meet 7.30pm Friday night for orientation and introductions. Finish 11.30am Saturday 26th.

$2010 (by bank deposit only) rebates may apply (this will become cheaper with more attendees) (4 people minimum - 12 people maximum) Includes meals, quality accomodation, teaching. All you have to do is get yourself there, be ready to learn more about yourself and open your heart.

How to apply:
Email or phone now to register your interest. Answer this simple question - If you could release your past today, would you? To speed things along - let us know about any diet requirements in your email as well.

We look forward to you helping your world change.

After attending the retreat you will be able to log onto this website with your own name and password. This will give you access to in-depth information, and up to the minute tips and hints for 12 months after your attendance at the retreat. The site is open 24 hours a day, there are no paper manuals to read through and no out-dated editions.
Bookmark us, so that this site becomes your first port of call for resources and information as and when you need it. Keep yourself up-to-date with the new information by logging onto the website and reading/downloading information as it comes to hand. Furthermore, the website will be updated after each retreat so that you may be able to find out more about recent experiences and new information as it is available!
If you are faced with a challenge that you might not have experienced before, check our resource pages for more assistance or get in touch.

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We also have a free newsletter that you can subscribe to that will keep you updated about new techniques, future retreats, various experiences and research. Be sure to subscribe before you leave this site!
"Hi, Here is my attempt at some coherent feedback. As you know I had big battles with myself before even coming on the retreat. I was worried that if I didn't come, it would affect my relationship with "L". Even though he tried really hard not to show it, he really wanted me to come and was very disappointed (he just couldn't beliiiiieeeeeeeeeve it!) when I said that I didn't want to come. I was then concerned that if I did go, it would only be lip service to him, and that wasn't a good enough reason. We both got quite angry and had a few rages about it. I was worried: in the past couple of years or so I have made a lot of changes in my life, lots of which are bringing about strong results which vary from deep calm and contentment to massive rages and childish tantrums. I was concerned that:
  1. enough change was enough and that
  2. I really didn't want to go through all that in a group, as I can be pretty foul.
However, there always was a very small voice telling me to go, so I am glad that I set my doubts aside and decided to commit my mind to it. I thought the structure of the course was great. I liked the way that the information was portrayed in its many facets, and that it could be explored in many ways: colour, sound, exercise, discussion, food, activities. It was absorbing and saturating but not overwhelming. The fluid dynamic of the teaching style was I think important; we could stop and change and incorporate what was going on for people at the time. Although I evidently found things at times hard to integrate, I am glad that I struggled through it and feel better on the other side. I appreciate the fact that I am now armed with much knowledge and a multifaceted tool kit to carry on the building and growth away from the group. I also realize that being in a partnership on the course (especially with "L") means that we both have the skills to support each other and continue to practice at home. I think it's a shame to wait until your life is going to custard before looking for these techniques when you can learn them now, apply them to everyday, and stay well away from the custard pot! Lastly, it was wonderful to spend time with such great people, in a beautiful part of the world, to have time to explore and to have put aside a dedicated big chunk of time to work with "L" on things about 'us', a real privilege. L.

Thank you for helping me on my journey, for your love and support, your wisdom and truth, your seen and unseen work. Thank you for working unceasingly for all of us and for showing me just how much help is out there. I honour you and I cherish my sacred rose.
Highlight of the Retreat - Realizing I was in a safe environment, that it was safe to let go of the fears and doubts, that when I did (not always) find the courage to let go, to take responsibility, how much lighter and freer I felt. Less burdened.
Worst thing of the Retreat - Not finding the courage on the final evening to deal with a childhood issue that came up because of the outing. I'm working on it. I know it's to do with family issues around insufficiency of love and space, not belonging, being in the way not being heard or listened to, being different. And I'm learning to deal positively with every one of those negatives because there is such an abundance of love and space and I do have a place, there is room and I do belong. (The sea gave me some of the answers, the ebb and flow of the waves, the giving and receiving).
Life and choice changes - I feel more open, out there, grounded, very comfortable sharing my retreat experiences (my own, not others) with friends and acquaintances. I feel a greater sense of direction and purpose. I've reawakened/reconnected with my love of drumming and music. I'm booked in for Pilates next week deciding it's time for all three (Body, Mind & Spirit) to be in balance. I've joined a newly formed group called ‘Soulscape'. The greatest change is awareness of who I am, of the choices I have made, of being vigilant not separating or withdrawing, of breathing properly.
Description of Retreat
- Learn how to connect with the healer within. Find your answers in a safe, caring, non-judgmental environment. Learn how to find the answers to your questions from within.
Being in a group - Challenging, necessary, excellent for mirroring/reflecting, ‘pushing buttons' enabled me to "remember" and learn so much more about myself.
Price {should be} at least $2000-$2,500 I would imagine. Yes permission to quote, cut & paste, and use my full name to your hearts content is also given from my heart.
I am resisting the urge to rewrite, it's not perfect but it's from the heart and that's more than ok. I read somewhere that ‘every problem brings it's own solution.' That's so good to know. Take care, love always, W.
PPS - Keep the journals, I'm still writing in mine or referring to it every day."

"I wasn't sure what I'd really signed up for, but felt very drawn to attend. Instinctively I knew this would help me on my next step - to grow, develop and become more on so many different levels - more than I had ever been previously. It felt like my soul had been looking for exactly this, for a long time.
It has been a full on experience. Every day has been jam packed with learnings, new experiences and growth! The group discussions were great, I enjoyed hearing other peoples' stories and could totally relate my own life, choices, patterns and decisions to them. I was also very happy to share in the groups too. A lot of things you talked about totally made sense.
I admit I was challenged - sometimes it got a little heavy for me. However, together with the skills and amazing tools that you shared, we were able to shift this feeling. Afterwards I felt a HUGE relief! I realized that those ‘heavy times' was when a part of me (my negative ego) didn't want to change, and was resisting and trying to shut me down. My soul knew instinctively - just took a while for my mind/ego to catch up!
You have been able to help me become so free from my past and destructive emotions. I didn't think it was possible to achieve so much and gain freedom and insight not only about the past, but the present and future also. I feel at peace with my past and the choices I have made. The best thing is - I have new powerful methods of change - that WORK. Now it's up to me to use them to maintain the balance.
I would not have been able to make this huge step in my growth if it wasn't for you. I am deeply grateful for all that you have shared and for all the work and effort you have put into each and every day. Your help has been invaluable - it's priceless. Your insight incredible, the depth of wisdom and knowledge that you have is amazing. In gratitude to you for all that you do." MA

"Finally, a chance to learn how to fully connect to myself, practical self-help tools to clear the blockages that have held me hostage for so many years! (too many to recall!) All delivered with integrity, truth and topped off with humour and love! What an amazing combination.
Best thing?Connecting to me! A very powerful experience. Thank you. I shall not forget it, and am working on maintaining it too! That's how GREAT it was! Worst thing? The fact that we had to leave after 8 days. The location was awesome, accommodation really nice - I would like to have you guys with me every day!!! Not many people talk about stuff like this. REAL stuff. The truth without frills. A new and different experience. Oh - loved the extra touches with the food, nice to have food prepared in a loving way....yummm....
Keep up the good work -- thanks, you were awesome and have helped me heaps!" S
What happens at the end of the Retreat?
Once free of these limitations, profound changes take place. We became limitless, free, more joyful, happy and abundant! Our hearts are full and our love becomes even deeper! Life is so exciting!

Once the veils are removed and there is a balance within, then you are able to connect much more fully on all levels with yourself and your Divine partner. Each person in the relationship holds the balance within themselves, each holds the love within themselves creating a relationship of a different nature and holding the energy of balance, love and truth utilizing wisdom every step of their way. With the two of you balanced, this permeates out around you and your community.

The more this happens in places throughout the world, the more balanced and in harmony we will live with Mother Earth.

We have previously worked with couples and groups in New Zealand, Egypt, England, Australia, India, Switzerland, Wales and Hong Kong assisting individuals, families and their relationships. We welcome the opportunity to offer the Retreats in a variety of locations, worldwide. We invite you to join us on a transformative, truthful, gentle, loving journey of change and self-discovery!

What can I expect to feel after the retreat?
These are what others have experienced, subsequent to the Retreat:
  • a deeper feeling of love within, a deep feeling of belief and trust instead of worry
  • excitement about our future together! We CAN achieve so much more together now. Our dreams can become true and can be a reality! I have seen how strong we are together
  • feeling much stronger within
  • more honesty with myself, partner, friends and family
  • clearer mind, feeling more grounded, more centered
  • deeper connection with my heart and hearts wishes, more open hearted
  • much more in love with my husband/wife, valuing each other more
  • removal of barriers that were around my heart
  • more value and honour for partner and self
  • much better at making decisions, ceased procrastination
  • awareness and understanding of the damage my ego has done to me, my relationships and business
  • more in tune with myself, profound sense of contentment and peace
  • increased confidence and capable with both the new and existing skills I have
  • ability to speak up
  • changed limitations that created endless internal frustation and resentments
  • broken through my own blocks, done things that I never thought were possible, or that I had the capacity or belief to do!
  • feeling equal in the relationship
  • the ability to clearly see the possibilities, opportunities and the strengths that we have together in the relationship
  • valuing and seeing the strengths that we each hold individually
  • cherishing each other and our strengths
  • the information shared has been of huge benefit not only to myself and my family, but also to my clients, friends and business - in fact every area of my life has benefited from what was shared and explained
  • more solutions and tools for change, and a deep appreciation for the information that was offered
Reset's retreats are life-changing 8-day live in retreats held in powerful, picturesque sites around NZ and overseas, offering great natural beauty surrounded by tranquil, rural, natural settings. Access to local flora and fauna - trees, ocean, lake, river/stream, animal, and bird life will be available during the retreat.

A retreat is for people wishing to make profound positive changes within their lives. Included in the fees are all meals, snacks, and accommodation, teachings, information, tools and skills. These retreats are an opportunity to change, to learn about the ego, your 7 energy centers/chakras, to uncover the various veils blocking the chakras, and to learn more about yourself in places of tremendous spiritual power.

Each day we share information that we have personally tried, used, updated, modified and explain the results of what we use. This will allow participants at the end of the 8 days to be able to utilize many newly acquired skills to assist them further on their journey and in life with whatever situation they may later find themselves in. We share experiences, research and information relating to the various blocks that prevent us from truly being the best person that we can be. We explore barriers that stop us from loving others and ourselves more fully. We discuss difficulties that can be experienced in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and share tools and skills to free yourself from them. Each day brings you closer to the goals of:
  • balancing the masculine and feminine within us, balancing the heart and the mind, balancing the left & right brain
  • becoming more grounded and connected to our higher selves and finding the Divine within you
  • creating & maintaining peace, grace and balance in self no matter what's before us
  • integrating a new grounded level of spirituality
  • learning effective skills to enable you to heal yourself and live a long happy life
  • developing skills to help unwind the old programs and beliefs and open to new ways of being
  • creating a new meaningful paradigm of existence and making your life worth it!
  • help heal the planet by helping, healing and changing yourself
  • understanding skills to master and balance your Ego
  • learning beneficial decision-making skills
  • transforming the past and creating personal power, esteem and assertiveness
  • resolving programs handed down from generations and family lineages
  • understanding and healing fear, allowing love and compassion to reign within
  • removing thoughts and feelings of separation, creating union within and with-out
  • learning effective strategies for now and the future to overcome any further challenges
There will also be integration time and we encourage you to spend it in nature, so that the information presented can percolate within you and give you time for you as well as time to interact with other course participants and the facilitators.

Changes can be experienced each day on the retreat. There is time in the evenings for personal interaction and group recreations. Each and every activity during the 8 days has been designed to integrate and correlate the various information and techniques presented. As you begin to make the changes inside you will notice how much will change on the outside.

Each participant will also receive a one year personalized log in and password, so that they have access to all the information held within this website. This includes the information presented at the retreat and any new information or various hints and tips that we have used that work in making profound changes simply and easily. This library of information is available whenever the participant requires it for a period of twelve months after their attendance at the retreat.

The information Reset shares at retreats can help with your personal life, your professional life, giving you the tools and skills to make changes as you wish. Our aim is to empower you with skills, tools, and information so that you are able to make choices that further enhance your life.

What are the retreats about?

Balance, Truth, Love, Wisdom. Here are a few topics covered in the retreat:

  • 7 chakras/energy centers of the body
  • Discover what prevents you from being the best person you can be
  • Understand your ego, its role, effects and the soul
  • Learn about the 7 key veils or "blockages" that prevent a deeper connection to your self and others
  • Understand and heal the wounds connected to those veils/blockages
  • Gain a deeper understanding about your relationship with yourself, about who you truly are
  • Understand yourself, be truthful with and about yourself, understand the past and the insights/lessons and wisdom you have gained/experienced/learnt
  • Gain more clarity and wisdom about the present and future, the choices you have made and your mission in life
  • Learn how to be more grounded and centred
  • Discover how to make beneficial decisions for yourself
  • Move from a place of separation within you to a deep and real connection within

What do we do each day?

  • Experience change
  • Learn about various conditions, beliefs that affect the four body system
  • Look at the past, the present, future - and release challenging situations
  • Each morning we gain insight to the 7 major energy centers of your body and experience them in a new way
  • Have both group and personal time
  • Remove barriers/blockages to your higher self connection
  • Learn to connect with the truth, your higher self and love
  • Begin to understand the ego and how to work with it, how to gain mastery
  • Experience amazing power spots within NZ
  • Dreams & dream journaling
  • and MUCH more!
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