Spirit-you-all share-ring

A safe place to share and learn, under-stand, heel and grow - together. A place to dream and create through passion. A place to find more of you. Brought together by spirit, for the advancement of your spirit.
Many people have been asking for more... An economical way to grow, an intermediate step - now it is here - small groups blending/sharing truth and wisdom.

Attendance - by personal invite only
7-9pm $20
Golden Bay - Sundays (when numbers allow)
Motueka - Mondays
Nelson - Tuesdays (when numbers allow)
Other areas by request.

How do I get a personal invite?

Seek and you will find! If you are seeking on the inside, you will listen to your 'self', you will trust, you will speak the truth and say the right things to the right person at the right time - it is called synchronicity and it always feels good. If anyone in the group hears the right things from you, they can invite you as their guest.

Does that mean it is exclusive?

No - it is available to anyone prepared to trust their inner self - if it is in their highest interests to be there, and they have done the work to trust their own self, to let go of the mind and follow the heart, they will find the way. This will normally begin to happen when you have stopped pointing fingers at the rest of the world, taken responsibility for your choices and actions and are ready to listen, ready to master your own energies, ready to learn more about you.
Change is the only constant,
When you choose to change - it is called empowerment...(in-power-mint... fresh and power-full)
When change happens to you - it is called an accident!

We are all in this world together - maybe it is time to come together and begin sharing - without reserve, with love, with understanding, with open hearts. Time to under-stand things from all perspectives, and find out more about you, and your passion. We look forward to you being there.

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