That sounds like a good reason for a get together and to have a hearty feed - a celebration. For us in New Zealand, a celebration of summer, sun, fun, holidays, family and for ReSet, a celebration of love, humanity, the year past with all its achievments, and the spirit of you all.

A wonderful angel reminded me I dont send enough newsletters - it's not that I dont have anything to say, I just respect your inbox! This is an important time of year, with endings and new beginnings, so it is time to get in touch.

We said at the beginning of this year, 2010 was a catalyst, numerologically - a 3, 3 meaning catalyst, that catalyst being love.

We hope you made and remembered as much love as you could in 2010 and you do have time left for more! :)

2011 will also be an exciting year (aren't they all these days?) Numerologically, 2011 is a 4.

"Number four in numerological terms is an Earth number and involves structure. It's a grounding number. Everything that you learn spiritually in one expression carries over to the next.That means this: Whatever you learn right now, you don't have to re-learn when you get back."

You can read more on Kryon numerology here.

2011 is also 20 and 11, 11 being an initiate using energy. Many things have been changing around you - have you been noticing? Are you begining to surprise yourself by doing things you have never done before? Having amazing experiences beyond belief? Having a sense of just knowing?

Heres our tip as you may begin to explore your mastery in 2011...Keep grounded, learn to be structured (have knowledge/wisdom) and if you get what you focus on - only give your energy to love, to good things, multiply what you want to see, be the change you want to see in the world, and remain balanced!

In this year ReSet has helped many people change their lives, their health, even their outlook. We are honoured to serve at this vital time of change.

We have seen trends of grounding problems, fear based thinking, anger issues, guilt issues, mother issues, father issues, self worth issues associated around the Christchurch earthquakes, relationship issues, and we feel we are about to see a lot of heart based issues early in this coming year. (heart is the 4th chakra or energy center) It will be a great year for, compasssion and forgiveness.

Along with our Retreats and individual healing sessions, ReSet has worked at many festivals throughout the south island, begun new learning groups and presented free seminars in many places. Dont be afraid to get in touch if you have an inspiration that involves us.

When you are ready for change - contact ReSet

Best wishes from ReSet. Feel free to forward this email to anyone you feel may need it, and in-joy your celebrations!

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