We don't send these newsletters often, and this is REALLY short notice, please feel free to forward this to anyone you think may be looking for change. Thanks in advance.

Reset is holding another retreat, the first one in three years, and we are calling this one Catalyst.
This is an eight night fully catered live in retreat nestled in Native bush in the heart of New Zealand. A retreat where you learn more about you, where you uncover the blocks which have previously been holding you back. Included in the fees are all meals, snacks, accommodation, teachings, information, tools and skills.

Are you ready?

Reset is ready, we have been prompted, nagged, asked nicely, Now is the time. Are you ready for change?

We have all been looking for love for so long, and often disapointed with the results we keep getting. It is time now to learn... It is time now to remember... It is time now to change... to be the change you wish to see in the world. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

I'm so excited.

8 Day Catalyst Retreat

You will be taking active participation in learning and experiencing multi level change as you discover more about the energy circuits in your body, clearing multi dimensional blocakges (veils) from the past to rebalance and empower yourself. The foods, colours, smells, sounds and lessons will change each day as you clear and experience each energy center in your body. You will be monitoring your own body throughout the retreat and will be dream journalling, taking part in Yoga, mudras, meditation, group clearances if required, and using dynamic tools for change.

Accomodation: http://www.sleepypossum.com/
Conference facilities and meals: http://www.nakedpossum.com/

Over the winter equinox and full moon 18-26th June 2010. Flexi-arrive anytime from midday to 7pm on Friday the 18th(provide own meals on this day). We will meet 7.30pm Friday night for orientation and introductions. Finish 11.30am Saturday 26th.

$2010 (by bank deposit only) rebates may apply (this will become cheaper with more attendees) (4 people minimum - 12 people maximum) Includes meals, quality accomodation, teaching. All you have to do is get yourself there, be ready to learn more about yourself and open your heart.

How to apply:
Email or phone now to register your interest. Answer this simple question - If you could release your past today, would you? To speed things along - let us know about any diet requirements in your email as well.

We look forward to you helping your world change.

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