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So lets start with a simple concept...If you can last 7+ days without food, it is obviously not vitally important to us...
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how long can you last with out energy running through you? Energy to run the vital functions which 'seem' to happen automatically?
If you sever your vital nerves, it will be certain death for the body - this makes Energy the most important key for our health, longevity, and survival. That sounds like a good place to start, ENERGY, remove any blockages in your energy system, and allow it to flow freely and fully - to heal itself! And here is a question that you might ask...Where did those blockages come from? And heres a question that ReSet will ask you - Are you Ready for Change?


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Kryon cosmic numerology 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (numbers link to numerology below)

This is an edited channeling done by Lee Carrol, the originals can be found here.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

Oh, dear Human, let me speak to your heart right now. The things you are afraid of are the things that you've made up. These things come from the Human mind and the Human duality. The intellectual mind puzzles about what is around it and creates its own scenarios of what is happening, to fit it into a construct that makes sense. That creates devils and failure and low self-esteem. Do not fear the love of God! Why would you fear being healed? Would you fear joy? You think, perhaps, if you take this spiritual step we speak of that you will be seen as odd by others? Maybe the family members you're with might not love you as much? Perhaps they will think you've gone off the deep end or whatever you want to call it? Do you not realize by taking the mantle of Spirit in this fashion and by activating the DNA in this fashion, you might instead be seen by others as pure and balanced? Your family might even say behind your back, "We don't know what happened to Mom, or Dad. We don't know what happened to Grandma or Grandpa. I don't know what happened to my partner." Then you will hear, "But I sure like it! Whatever it was that changed them has made them more balanced." Did you ever think of that? That's what an enlightened being is like. They're the essence of understanding and pure love. They glow with the energy of peacefulness. People want to be around them. It's not a problem to be their friend.

This is what you can do for yourself. All of the things that you would ask for in your prayer times or in your meditations - reduction in frustrations, release of the drama with others in your life - these things are so ready to be solved. Many of them are actually part of your lesson, waiting to be solved. Slowly, as your path allows for it, the DNA is activated by your request with pure intent. That's why we're here, dear ones. My partner said to you that this room has been warmed up. Let me tell you about the room: There are those who have had epiphanies here, who have found the love of God here, and found direction for their lives here. Some found family here and now they know they're not alone. So the invitation to you is the same, you know? Are you just going to meet the people you came with or are you going to meet someone else? Are you going to say "hello" to someone you don't know today? Maybe it's a family member just waiting to feel your energy. That's what happens in these kinds of meetings - a reunion, a healing meeting, a meeting where you might actually change your mind because of the energy that is provided here today.

I'm Kryon. I'm what you define as an angel. I don't even know what that means really. But I know this: I'm just like you when you're not here. That's what I know. And when you're not here, we are brothers and we are sisters, if you want to genericize us. We are family and we move together in the cosmos. All is known when you're not here. Things make a lot more sense and the duality is not present when you're not here. And so I say to you, family, that there has to be an element of trust when you take the hand of Spirit and move forward. There has to be faith in the love of God and what we have called "cosmic intelligence."

The Seven Cosmic Laws

There is teaching this night. I would like to present to you the Seven Cosmic Laws of Kryon. I've done this twice before. But this is the channelling I want recorded and transcribed.

To some, this will seem like a review, for all of these concepts have been presented in the last 18 years, but never in this concise way or grouped in this manner. My partner knows what's coming because he has said these things before. But he doesn't know what's going to be added to it. These are the cosmic laws that I, as the entity that I am, have deemed the most important for the Human Being to know. Some of them may shock or surprise you in their simplicity, but they're not simple. All of them speak about the love of God. Although I give them to you in a row, in linear fashion, they don't present themselves in importance this way. However, their numerological values are significant.

Number one:

You can never return to a less-aware state.
No Human can willingly unknow anything. Once it is in your mind, especially in the spiritual energy of your DNA, it is impossible for you to unknow it. If any of you have revelations in this place tonight, you'll not be able to erase the experience. Oh, you might try to forget it, but it's still there. You can't unknow it. And so we say this to you: be careful what you decide to know because it will change your life.

If you decide, for instance, to study the energy aspects of the numbers around you, and so you add them all up and the sums are all the same number... you would be amazed at the coincidence! It happened to my partner that way. I gave it to him that way and he can't unknow it. It is one of the things that propelled him to the next step. "What are the odds," he said, "of this taking place?" So the odds are what gave him the 3D proof of an interdimensional concept of Kryon. He'll never unknow that fact.

If you feel the love of God touching you tonight in a way it never has before, if you walk out actually healed, you can't unknow that. If you have a revelation of how something works, you can't unknow that either.

Some of you have asked for things. "Dear Spirit," you have said, "tell me what it is I need to know." Then the teaching begins and you're shown some things that you should work on. Sometimes it's your health. You can't unknow that, can you? There are those who would say, "Well, I'm a Human Being of free choice. Therefore, if I choose to ignore it, I can." You're right. That's not unknowing it. That's a Human Being who chooses denial. And if the information is profoundly spiritual, you will become unbalanced. It is impossible to know something profound and pretend it is not there. You've called it the "elephant under the table." Impossible, it is, to ignore. Therefore, you will live your life unbalanced. Be careful what it is you choose to know. We say this to you in all love and wisdom, when we say there is a process that begins when you ask with pure intent for it to begin, that is more profound than you know. You cannot go backwards once you've got it. That's the first cosmic law. The number one represents new beginnings in numerological terms.

The second Cosmic Law of Kryon is this:

In every Human Being there is profound divinity. But it's not intuitive. It lies there and "pokes at you." You know it's there. It's there enough for humans to find a religion, isn't it? It lies there and you know enough to go find God in some form and fulfill the manifestation of that search through attendance, through joining, through worship, through doctrine. But the truth of who you are is hidden. That's the second law. It's not intuitive that you are God. It's not intuitive that inside your DNA would be all these gifts. It's a beautiful cosmic law. It's beautiful because it keeps you in a place where, if you're going to search for the divine, you've got to mean it. It cannot be casual, for you won't get answers. This explains why some of you have perhaps opened a study or opened a book and said, "I'll try this, or I'll do this, or this didn't do anything for me." Maybe even tonight you'll walk away and say, "That didn't do anything for me either." I'll tell you why - because you didn't invest anything in it. It's a casual attending, with you looking for something that will change you. Instead, why don't you look for a tool to change yourself? That is the message. It's because you decided not to open your heart, because you didn't see the opportunity when a legion of angels showed up, whatever that means to you.

There are entities in this room, past and present, pieces of you here that you don't even know about. The Akash is present [life force of the planet]. Do you know what that is? You're part of it. Walking the aisles here are the essences of those you've loved and lost on this planet. You may wonder about them. You might say, "What would they do if they could see me now?" And you call out to Mom or Dad, "Help me to see the truth!" Such a family, it is, that surrounds you all the time. They're here. That's where they are... not up in the sky. And they never really left, you know? Some of you will know that because you'll be able to smell them and feel them. I don't talk about these things idly; I tell you these things as part of the cosmic laws. You're divine creatures and you have a veil that hides it.

That was number two. Two in numerological terms represents the duality.

Number three.

It's just so profound and so simple and you've heard it as a statement from me over and over for all these years. "You've said it too much, Kryon," many say. But I'll give it to you yet again. Number three, the Cosmic Law of Kryon: You are dearly loved.

On my side of the veil, you are loved by all of the entities in the quantum hologram - more than you can count, more than all the numbers that you would know how to speak. Yet they all have something in common; they're part of one consciousness that know your name. And you don't believe that either. "Too grand," you might say. I've got more information for you on that. Wait until you hear cosmic law numbers six and seven! Everywhere you go, you're known, and you're loved. It is the core emotion, if you want to say that, of the Universe. It is love. All the masters who ever visited you told you this, yet you still manufacture reasons to dissect and doubt it.

It's the energy you felt when you came into the earth and it's what you feel when you leave it. I promise you that when you close your eyes for the last time and remember who you are, there is only love. When I see you in the Cave of Creation, there is going to be joy. Do not fear that time, dear Human Being. Oh, make no mistake - we want you to stay a long time, because we need your light on this planet. That's why you're here. But I'll tell you this: When it's time for you to go, don't fear it - for you're coming home. It's a great time and it happens constantly... a party that never ends. It's a joyful time of heart and light connections unfathomable to you as a Human that goes on constantly as the Humans come and go and the series continues and the cycle of life is complete. I can't even explain it. And many of you will walk out of here not believing it. That was number three.

The number three in numerology represents the catalyst. A catalyst is an energy that provides the push for transformation of one energy to another, yet never changes itself. Therefore you might say that this loving energy is the core catalyst of change and transformation for the Human Being. Love is that way. It absolutely changes Human lives and gives reasons to exist. It manifests wisdom where there was ignorance, and compassion where there was nothing but emptiness. It is the reason for all, and is the common denominator between both sides of the veil. It is the staple of Kryon, and the key for enlightenment of the Human Being. It is the light of discovery on a darkened earth and the true solace for those in distress. Indeed! You are dearly loved!

Number four

is an attribute of the mechanics of incarnation, of life expression, or what you call the rotating life experience on Earth. And here it is: Everything that you learn spiritually in one expression carries over to the next.

That means this: Whatever you learn right now, you don't have to re-learn when you get back. It's there in the Akash, like a jar that contains whatever is learned. It's filled with what your life's lesson is about. Every incarnation you've had before now and all of the things that you have learned are in that metaphoric jar. And when you decided to push on the door and open that spiritual jar of wisdom, out pours your entire work through the ages. Everything you ever learned since you started the journey of coming to Earth is there.

There have been those who have said, in their darkest moments, "If I have to come back and learn this all over again, I don't want to come back." Well, you don't have to learn it again. It explains why some of those who have never had any spiritual training have profound wisdom. It explains why the new consciousness children of Earth carry with them a half-filled jar of this at birth, no matter what. When the jar is opened by even the smallest child, out comes profound ideas from the other side of the veil... who they used to be, the way life works, and why they chose their parents. This would not be happening if it were not for the new posturing of the magnetics of the planet - the reason I'm here at all.

New tools are here, you might say - a new interdimensional aspect of Human life that you did not have at birth. You had to work for it, but the new children come in with it. That's the reason they don't want to stand in line, either. [Laughter] They don't want to get linear. They all want everything at the same time, if you've noticed. It's an attribute that won't be lost on you. It's about learning, and you ought to celebrate it.

Now let me tell you what that means, doubter. Inside you, doubter, contains some of the greatest spiritual truths that any have ever had. I want to tell you all that there's a shaman in the audience and he doesn't know it. He's afraid to open the jar, too, and he may not ever do it in this lifetime because of this fear. But, oh dear one, you know who I'm talking to, don't you? If you choose to ever open that jar, out will flood the profundities of the ages. Healer that you are, if you choose it, it's there. Part of the duality you have wants to keep the lid on it, because you know if you open it you can't go back! [Cosmic Law One] You know it's there, don't you? Do you want to do it this time around or not? There is no judgment of you. My dear one, the party will be the same when I see you on my side one day, if you open the jar or not. You are dearly loved. That was number four.

Number four in numerological terms is an Earth number and involves structure. It's a grounding number. The knowledge of the ages is like this. It's the gold that's mined from lifetime to lifetime in the Akash. It's the only thing that you carry from one lifetime to another that is the most practical of all. Your spiritual knowledge is like the mantel of God. When you ask for that jar to begin to open, out pours a very comfortable energy - your own mastery.

Number five

is when you give pure intent and activate DNA layer 10. There's something else that happens with it that is profound: You give permission of the cosmos to rearrange things around you. Some of you know what I mean, don't you? You give permission for change. In your darkest hour, perhaps, you may have called out when you were in trouble and things were not going right.

That's when the Human says, "God, who gave you permission to change my life like this?" And I would say to you, you did! So be careful. Before you decide to push on that door to create the activation of any of these DNA layers, be ready for the changes that may occur in your life. This is not esoteric fluff. It's life changing. Just ask some of those around you what has happened to them when they decided to find "God inside" of them.

All of you sit in a time and a place that is extremely profound and timely. We need your light for this planet. If you're going to make a decision to send the light, you're going to change the planet. The reason why you're here, each and every single one, is the reason why you've awakened - even you, doubter - the reason why you came with someone else to this meeting tonight. There is no judgment of any of you. I'm just giving you the facts. There is a reason why you came to hear these things - in order to fill up that jar even further, to make you aware of the way things work.

The Cosmic Law that I speak of is that you give permission for life change when you move into the arena and ask God to tell you what it is that you need to know. It's the way of it, you know? It's the way it works. It's like enlisting into a legion of Lightworkers where you give permission to Spirit to help you fall into the ranks of those who will heal this planet. And the good news is that all the changes that you start in your life appropriately and eventually bring you growth and eventually bring you joy.

God does not take pleasure in harming situations, taking love away, or creating sickness or sorrow. That is not what Spirit does. Yet that energy is often assigned to the spiritual attributes of the doctrines of the planet. It's not that way, dear ones. The things that you might experience that you call growth, even what you might call problems and challenges, are all about your time of increasing the light, for the planet needs you to be honed. There is an old expression and we've used it before: "Iron sharpens iron." It speaks about sometimes the way you have to be put through the mill so that you can be shaped into the glorious, angelic form that you've asked to become. That's a cosmic law.

Numerologically, five is the energy of CHANGE. Need I say more?

Number six:

As soon as you start this search of yours, as soon as you push on the door, as soon as Spirit sees pure intent, all of your universal family knows it. I want you to think about that for a minute. You envision yourself in a linear form - one Human Being making one choice in a sea of humanity. One grain of sand in a vast, spiritual beach makes a small choice. Well, I'm going to tell you, the whole beach knows! That's a cosmic law. That's how profound it is.

When you turn on your light, everybody sees it. Things that you cannot imagine that are procedural, spiritual and historical take place. Even the Akash* itself is modified each time a Human makes that decision. The vibration of the planet changes by the Human Being making a decision to move into an interdimensional state where they begin to see things differently. You call it ascension, rebirth, activation of DNA. Call it whatever you wish; everybody knows. "Kryon, do the humans on the planet know it, too?" Absolutely. Oh, perhaps not at a conscious level, but I will tell you, they recognize a shaman; they recognize a master; they recognize one in ascension status. They may not know why they like you, but they do. It's the God in them that greets the God in you. And the two God parts, they communicate with each other, and they know. The cosmos awakens when you do.

I'm going to tell you that there are a number of you just on the edge of crossing into that place of light right now. I can feel it - can you? And when you do, and if you should do it and you push on that door, I would like to tell you the whole cosmos knows it. Blessed are those who have made the decision and stand in these places that know about life, who know the power of light, and don't just speak it, but live it. Blessed are those for they will inherit this planet, meek as they might be. It is their essence, their lineage, that the planet will carry from here on. That's who is here, Lemurian. That was number six.

The number six is the center - the most sacred number in the series. It represents communication, prayer and the "pipeline" to the Higher-Self. There's only one more cosmic law, and I've saved it for last.

Number seven

represents a number of divinity. It's a number representing the divinity of God. I give you information now and that is this: The seventh Cosmic Law is that every single one of you has an effect on the fabric of reality on this planet when you send light.

It's the Seventh Cosmic Law of Kryon that says that every time you sit down and send light, it moves mountains - moves mountains! It changes the future of the planet.

Now I'm going to give you some information that I've mentioned only a few times in my messages. I've saved it for this transcription. If you don't remember anything else from this message, remember this. Of the entire population of the planet, only one half of one percent of you need to awaken in order to create a renaissance and peace on Earth - one half of one percent.

In case you wondered whether all of those on Earth would eventually think like you, the answer is absolutely not. No. It's a small group of you who have been elected by your own consciousness and your own lineage to come here at this time. Old soul, you are here to serve a grand purpose of sending light for the rest of humanity. Remember, this planet is filled with those who are not as old as you are [meaning that they don't have the number of lifetimes you do on Earth]. For when you have a geometric progression of numbers of Humans on the planet, that means only a seeming few of you are very old and the rest are very young. I speak to old souls right now; that's who hears and reads this. It's the old souls that will make the difference, and many of the children are among them.

Oh, have you ever wondered why you're here? Have you ever wondered what you're supposed to be doing? You've got the power, you know? You've got the energy within you, which is divine. And even though you can't prove it in a 3D fashion, can you still send the cosmic energy of intelligent design to the Sudanese, and trust that what you have done is going to make a difference? If you can do that, you are a Lightworker, making a difference to the vibration of Earth.

Less than one half of one percent of the planet has to be involved. If they are, you're going to see a positive shift and you're going to see it profoundly. Leaderships will change. Refreshing ideas will emerge within governments, of which nobody ever thought of in the past. You might say, "Why didn't they do that earlier?" And I'll tell you. What has happened is that your light, dear one, let them see things that were formerly in the dark. Watch for this - cosmic intelligence being carried on your light that illuminates ignorance and turns it into wise choices. Then celebrate it and know it had your energy all over it.

I don't have anything to ask you that would be embarrassing for you. These things are between you and God. Right now, you might say to yourself, "Dear Spirit, tell me what it is I need to know." Claim the healing that's been waiting for you. "Dear Spirit, I claim the divinity in my DNA." Start a healing process in your mind and body. Who would like that?

I am Kryon. I have loved you this night and will continue to until I see you again, and again. And so it is.

Kryon * Akash is defined by Kryon as the life force of the Universe or the planet, depending on the context of the conversation.

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